Explore the Flavors of Middle Eastern Cuisine at Sevan Bakery

If you aren’t very familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine, you’re in for a treat when you head to Sevan Bakery. Their varieties of appetizers, wraps, salads, pies, sweets, and wines offer the perfect primer to flavors unique to Armenia and the surrounding area. 

You can start your Middle Eastern Food 101 course with baba ganoush, falafel, or baked eggplant. Then, you may move on to pie, stuffed with meat, cheese, or veggies, a wrap, filled with cheese, potatoes, and soujouk, or a colorful salad, featuring lentils, okra, and other vegetables. Like at any delicious bakery, you can’t resist indulging in something sweet. You can treat yourself to a fig roll, dark chocolate covered orange peels, baklava, or another Armenian-inspired dessert option. 

Finally, Sevan’s wine cellar is especially impressive, with international and domestic wines in a wide variety of vintages and flavors. Wines from Greece, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey stand out as particular favorites, each pairing perfectly with an assortment of cheese or another Sevan dish.

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