Bite Into a Burger at Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen

Brato Bewhouse and Kitchen is a relaxed, casual eatery that has a little something to offer to everyone. Snacks and appetizers join forces with burgers, bratwurst, and more, all of which are accompanied by beer and other beverages. As a whole, they make for a wonderful overall experience. 

Their buffalo cauliflower, miso French onion soup, lobster rangoon, and other dishes have stood out as particular favorites since Brato’s debut last year. As one Yelp reviewer puts it, “Their food is really inventive, flavorful, fresh, ‘real’ housemade, and just a delight to eat.”

Another visitor simply states, “5 stars all around!” while another begins their review, “I loved this restaurant.” Overwhelmingly, customers note the food and drinks as delicious. Just as importantly, the staff and atmosphere are notable, with reasonable prices and careful cleanliness protocols. 

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