Boston’s Biggest Free Outdoor Workout- Seaport Sweat

Ready to work up a sweat? Build a sense of community? Connect your mind and body? 

Join Boston’s biggest free workout series, Seaport Sweat! Back for its seventh season. Join for a variety of classes taught by Boston’s best and most enthusiastic instructors. 

Seaport Sweat will feature classes designed to inspire the mind-body connection in a fun, challenging, yet rewarding way. 

As usual, classes are open to all, with no previous experience being necessary. All instructors will be providing clear instructions on the proper alignment to create a steady foundation. No two classes will be exactly the same. This allows participants to experience a variety of yoga poses and movements that build strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, and lower stress. Come on out to experience the flow!

Seaport Sweat classes are totally equipment-free. If anyone would like a mat, you are welcome to bring one with you to class. 

Before registering and attending your first class, please ensure you have read and understood the Release and Waiver, and accept and agree to the terms and provisions in the release. 

Seaport Sweat takes place Saturday, August 13th at 10 am at Seaport Common, 85 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. 

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